Dissolve All Single Sex Schools, They Are The Root Of Homosexualism~Rev Heaven Urges Nana Addo.


Government Must Disolve All Single Sex Schools Before Homosexuallism Can Be Degrade From The Country Rev Heaven Urges Nana Addo

The CEO of Heaven Media Ghana, a media practitioner and an associate pastor of Apostolic Foundation Prayer Ministries, Rev Heaven William K Boafo has Voice in the Homosexuallism issues emanating in the country’s Capital,Greater Accra after an Office suppose the Head Office for the LGBTQIs in the country

Pertaining to this issues, Rev Heaven, I am Urging the Government Led Nana Addo to as a matter of urgency to close down all Single Sex Schools from the Nation.

In view of this, I can boldly and Loudly tell the nation that the root of homosexuality per my research in our country Ghana has resulted that it’s based on two(2) main reasons

The first one I will talk about is Our Single Sex Schools, Most of the practice of Homosexualism are mainly from such schools. Some even creates a secret groups from Schools and after completion they then comes to form a bigger Society Groups.

Another one is financial influence, when the foreign homosexual practitioners comes down here especially in Ghana with their aims to get people to be engaged in such practice, they grow their achievement very faster due to their financial influence on the people….

In conclusion I therefore urge the government to show a concern and find a solution to these above points and by so doing victory will be Ours.


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